The pattern variation of a flooring design is key – it makes your floor truly unique, and gives it a distinctive character. We believe pattern variations in all products are to be expected and embraced, and we understand that some are drawn to designs with more or less variation than others. It can be hard to tell from a sample how much variation a product has, so we’ve made it simple! At Beckham Brothers we label our products with a colour and pattern variation rating, so you can choose a product that suits your taste. Our four-level variation rating can be understood as follows:


V1 Hardwood floor with Uniform pattern and colour

V1 – Uniform pattern and colour.
 V1 floors are sleek and consistent. The colour variations of woodgrain are minimal, and all planks or tiles will look similar.


V2 hardwood floor with subtle variation in pattern and colour

V2 – Subtle variation in pattern and colour.

V2 floors have minor variations, with a slight contrast between the darkest and lightest colours in the product. Most planks will be similar with some minor differences, for an overall coherent look with visual interest.


V3 Variation hardwood floor showing variation in pattern and colour

V3 – Moderate variation in pattern and colour.

 V3 Floors have a greater colour contrast between their lightest and darkest parts. Side-by-side, you will see a noticeable difference among planks or tiles such as woodgrain variations like knots, or texture and pattern differences in tile.


V4 Hardwood floor showing much variation between tone and texture

V4 – Dramatic variation in pattern and colour.

 V4 floors are the most high-contrast and daring of our designs. Many of these floors have unique distressing or textures to maximize visual interest and make a statement. We have labeled our Calacatta Gold, Luni Marble, and Sahara Noir tile designs as V4 products because they replicate the more randomized veining found in natural marble, with high-contrast white, grey, black, and gold streaks.

TIP: Seeing a floor sample in your home is the best way to determine the best design for you. Order up to SIX FREE Beckham Brothers flooring samples and have them delivered to your door!