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Nottingham Oak

Big Ben Plus


Approx. Sq. Ft.

Product Description

Big Ben Plus+ is our revolutionary, fully-waterproof AquaPlank – and then some. This durable and gorgeous product has a 100% waterproof top layer, a super-reliable stone composite rigid core, and a water-resistant cork backing. Meaning, if your basement floods you can reuse your perfect floor (once it dries, of course). Our Big Ben Plus+ line features stately 7-inch-wide, 5-ft-long planks secured with a .55-mm or 22-mil wear layer. This is a commercial-quality finish, which guarantees your floors can withstand even the busiest, high-traffic areas.

This product is secured with a 30-year residential warranty – but we’re pretty sure you won’t need it.

This colour is also available in Little Ben Plus+.


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