Beckham Brothers Gallery Partner Plan

Beckham Brothers established a code of ethics which guides every decision they make today. Coming from a long legacy of family businesses, and as second- and third-generation flooring retailers, they know the power of putting a family name to a product. The Beckham Brothers products are designed to reflect and uphold a hard-earned reputation. Knowing all they know about flooring and quality assurance, Beckham Brothers products are designed to be their first choice for their own homes and families.

By becoming a Beckham Brothers dealer, you will become an ambassador of the brand and join our commitment to giving families Floors Worth Coming Home To. The Beckham Brothers was born from an industry-shifting position of flooring retailers designing a supplier system for flooring retailers. We want our partners making a fair and proper profit every time they sell one of our quality floors. We want your staff to have “priced right” confidence when selling our products.

Our invested interest in your success and bottom line is the backbone of our Gallery Partner Program. Here are some of the unique business opportunities that Beckham Brothers offers it’s dealers.

Floors Worth Coming Home to.

Partnership Exclusive Benefits

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Our dedication to design comes from decades of working with homeowners, designers, contractors, and home builders. We know how customers can feel overwhelmed with the selection process — there are so many options in material, color, pricing, and  technical specifications. Generally, people know what they like and what will look good, but want to feel confident the materials or technical features will suit their lifestyle. Beckham Brothers simplifies the buying process, with a line of products that combines style and budget with impressive quality and performance. And we explain the features of our products with clarity, not jargon. Today, we travel the world, designing and developing every product from start to finish. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure the highest quality for the best price. Our primary goal is to far outperform our strictest minimum standards for what we will install in our own homes.



Many flooring manufacturers are disconnected from the end users —the people who live with their products every day. Beckham Brothers wants customers to get the best quality product for any budget and for all taste preferences. For more than two decades we have worked with people to navigate the manufacturer-consumer disconnect, and our experience guides every decision we make at the retail level.


We offer an industry-shifting retail strategy developed from generations of knowing the intricacies of the flooring industry. Your dedicated account executive will provide your sales team with regular product changes as well as annual training on the technical aspects of Beckham Brothers products —the aspects that make our products superior to others on the market. Sales Training is also provided —to help your team shift to a Selling-for-Margin approach —now everyone is happier.



Beckham Brothers is not one of those suppliers that wants you to compete head-to-head on price with your closest competitors. This approach gets their products to market as cheaply as possible. These manufacturers will set up anyone —regardless of a store’s sales volume or commitment level. We sit down together to establish your exclusive market, put the plan in writing, make it a contractual agreement, and ensure the terms are met. If a customer has access to the same products at any store, then price becomes a major influence on their buying decision. With Beckham Brothers, you can trust that the time and money you spend investing in your marketing won’t drive customers to your competitors. Beckham Brothers doesn’t believe in the shotgun approach so common in the flooring industry.


Beckham Bros Has Done the Math for You
All Beckham Brothers’ suggested retail prices have a minimum 45% Gross Margin (GM)

With proven results and further evaluation, the benefits of the Beckham Brothers Gallery Partner Plan are evident. We can confidently predict a 20% – 25% higher gross margin for your store by adding the exclusive Beckham Brothers line of products. For Example: The average retail flooring store operates at a 27.4% GM.* Even if operating in a highly competitive landscape, increasing the average GM by 25% (+6.85%) pushes a store to 34.25% GM.

*SOURCE: (2017) most recent IBIS Report 44221CA


Beckham Brothers and our retail partners have a mutual commitment to uphold the integrity of our dealer network. Our program prohibits internet sales and unauthorized distribution, effectively preventing our partners from being undercut in the market. We understand the frustration retailers experience when a Retail Sales Associate invests time with a customer, only to have that effort undermined as the customer shops around for a better price on the same product. Beckham Brothers goes a step further to protect your selling price – by never publishing a dealer locator on our website to prevent price shopping. In turn, our retail partners agree never to undercut dealers outside their designated trading area. Combined with a solid no-bootlegging contract, we have a program that has everyone’s best interests at heart. Beckham Brothers is committed to providing a supportive and prosperous environment for all our partners.


We have confidence in the quality and performance of our products. We have the same confidence in our chosen partners. If you say “this is a legitimate claim” then we take your word for it. You know best when a claim is needed to satisfy your customers. Beckham Brothers puts the ball in your court. We have an easy-to-navigate claims procedure that ensures fair compensation for all partners. Claim denial can be a major problem in the flooring industry. Beckham Brothers doesn’t feel putting you through the standard claims denial process is being a true partner. Claims are honored up to 1% annually, with no questions asked.


For many retailers, the evolution from a carpet store to a full product-line

flooring store has resulted in cluttered spaces: you feel you need to display every supplier’s line so you don’t lose business. But with an exclusive line you can call your own, you can shine a spotlight and guide your customers to a line of products they can’t get anywhere else in your market. Beckham Brothers invites only the very best fl ooring retailer in each market area to become an exclusive partner. Our unique Partnership Plan helps retail partners become better, by providing a MERCHANDISING & MARKETING SYSTEM that makes selling fl ooring easier, more fun, and more profi table than any other supplier program in the industry. The true magic happens when our design team remodels a partner’s showroom into a beautiful art-gallery-style selling system; your customers will feel excited to be in a Beckham Brothers showroom. Flooring samples pop with their depth of color, clarity of fi nish, and fi ne texture. Beckham Brothers products stand out from the competitors’ when displayed using a clutter-free design. Simple, clean & organized. Studies are continually showing that customers (and retail sales associates) are getting overwhelmed with the number of products to choose from in a retail store. Our designers have narrowed down our color palette, so Beckham Brothers has the perfect balance of the classics, the current trends and the up-and-comers: all displayed in a refreshing gallery style system.



Accountants are always telling us we are overloaded on our inventory position. They just don’t understand what it means to have the assurance the product will be there when you need it. Your staff can confidently sell Beckham Brothers floors without worrying about costly delays or expensive replacements. We constantly maintain an industry-leading fill rate, for peace of mind when ordering one of our beautiful floors. Customers are increasingly demanding. Project timelines are getting tighter. So having inventory at your fingertips is key to maintaining good relationships with your customers. Beckham Brothers is committed to having abundant inventory in our warehouses and strive to eliminate back orders. In the rare instances when we see a product is selling out, we notify Gallery Patners so you can be assured fresh stock will be coming soon. The website shows you and your customers with a click exactly how much product is available — no log-in needed.


From new product launches to industry-standard selling techniques, we will ensure everyone on

your team — from showroom to installation — has everything they need to excel in their roles. Our own retail perspective helps us align materials and programs that are easy to access and easy to use.

Want to participate in a sales event or download a logo for some new in-store signage? Need to upload photos and initiate a claim? Want to see the latest spec’s on a new product? We’ve created a portal dedicated to our partners and our own Beckham Brothers sales team. puts sales, training, and marketing tools at your fingertips. This partner hub is constantly evolving as our partners tell us what will help them most.



1) As a beautiful online shopping experience for your customers, where they can order free samples and come closer to a purchase, even if ultimately the sale is closed in your store. Whenever an online customer clicks REQUEST A QUOTE and enters a zip or postal code that’s in your market, they fill out a form that is emailed to your team’s designated Beckham Brothers product specialist. To encourage a store visit, the REQUEST A QUOTE form also displays your address and store logo. With your exclusive Beckham Brothers line of products you never have to hesitate to send customers to the website for more information and rest assured, will never offer a list of dealers to initiate price shopping.

2) As a sales and support tool for your team, legitimizing your dedicated sales area by establishing retail prices that hold your margin. With live inventory data and email confirmations your team always knows what’s available. We don’t want your staff “on hold” waiting for answers.


When you advertize a BB product, customers can only get it from you. Online marketing support extends to the most popular and most successful digital platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. We believe digital marketing campaigns should drive customers to Gallery Partners’ websites or to special store-branded pages at www. The mechanics of the campaign —from who you want to target to what you want to feature —will be custom designed to suit your goals.