Online Gallery Partner

Sell Online with Beckham Brothers

An Exclusive Opportunity for Our Partner Dealers

There is NO COST & Beckham Brothers will have your store live in just 5 business days.
Your customers will be able to order up to 6 Free Samples, mailed to their address.
Choose if your store wants to offer 10% Off & Free Shipping.

How does it work?
Customers who visit your website will see a banner at the top of every page that links them through to your custom-branded shopping experience at Beckham Brothers.

It’s Simple: our digital marketing team will get you all set you up!
  • By customizing your store’s website with a banner that links to your new Beckham Brothers Online Store
  • By walking you through the steps of managing and engaging with customers online through an online chat
  • By planning and implementing a social media campaign to promote your new store

What are the Benefits?
  • Purchases made through the site are automatically credited to your store
  • Jump ahead of your competition with a professional eCommerce site that can be implemented in just a few days
  • Provide the cautious consumer with a safe, contactless shopping experience

Beckham Brothers promises quality and an overall commitment to customer satisfaction that is unparalleled among other flooring manufacturers.

Now you have a floor worth coming home to.