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Manchester 6"

English Plank

Price: $7.48 / Sq. Ft.

Product Description

Manchester 6" is a wider, more luxurious version of our classic English Plank Manchester floor - at the same price point.

These substantial planks are both beautiful and hearty– the boards are up to 5ft with gorgeous select grade wood and a Eucalyptus Core. Eucalyptus is a durable wood that will not expand or warp with moisture, giving our English Plank line exceptional longevity. The ¾ inch thickness of this style meets perfectly with ceramic, allowing you to create sharp, clean lines in your flooring design. This product is finished with a brushed white oak top, and the sturdy eucalyptus core ensures your English Plank is stable and will not easily dent. This product is protected by a 35 year residential warranty.

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Sq. Ft.
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