Big Ben Premier

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Product Description

Say hello to our Big Ben Premier – an extra-wide, extra-luxurious, high-caliber AquaPlank. Think of AquaPlank as Luxury Vinyl Plank’s cooler big brother. This durable and gorgeous product has a 100% waterproof top layer, a super-reliable stone composite rigid core, and a water-resistant cork backing. Meaning, if your basement floods you can reuse your perfect floor (once it dries, of course). These planks are 7.5” wide, and up to 6ft long. We chose to cut varied planks, because nature isn’t perfect or uniform. Big Ben Premier delivers everything a natural hardwood floor can and then some, like a commercial-quality finish which guarantees your floors can withstand even the busiest, high-traffic areas.
We protect Big Ben Premier with a 30-year warranty – but we don’t think you’ll need it.

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