Many flooring companies have a quality standard which they advertise. Very few adhere to these standards every single time. Beckham Brothers wants to bring you peace of mind – what we promise is what you get.

We consider our reputation to be our biggest asset – our customers know that when they are purchasing a Beckham Brothers product they are getting the exact quality we designed and selected for. As retailers, the Beckham Brothers found issues wtih the consistency of their suppliers products and for that reason they ensure that every batch of Beckham Brothers flooring is quality tested by a third-party, independent inspector. The Beckham Brothers standard for quality is impeccable, and the testing is rigorous: Any batch or product that cannot withstand the extreme testing conditions is rejected and will never be sold to our customers.

While many manufacturers (including Beckham Brothers) protect their products with warranties, warranties are subject to a variety of conditions which can render them null.

Beckham Brothers ensures consistent product quality by thoroughly testing the following standards:

  • Moisture Content
  • Varnish Resistance to Staining
  • Varnish Integrity and Curing
  • Delamination (Separation of layers)
  • Varnish Gloss & Gloss Retention
  • Varnish hardness
  • Varnish adherence to other layers & resistance to removal
  • Varnish scratch, abrasion, and impact resistance.

Beckham Brothers promises quality and an overall commitment to customer satisfaction that is unparalleled among other flooring manufacturers. Many of these tests have existing third-party standards, but some are private standards set by Beckham Brothers to ensure exceptional quality.

Now you have a floor worth coming home to.