About Beckham Brothers


Beckham Brothers established a code of ethics which guides every decision they make today. Coming from a long legacy of family businesses, and as second- and third-generation flooring retailers, they know the power of putting a family name to a product. The Beckham Brothers products are designed to reflect and uphold a hard-earned reputation. Knowing all they know about flooring and quality assurance, Beckham Brothers products are designed to be their first choice for their own homes and families.

The Brothers created products that were derived directly from what they learned, by listening and working closely with homeowners and home builders. They consistently noticed how people often felt overwhelmed with the process – choosing what you want and need in a floor is complicated because there are so many options in material, colour, pricing, and technical specifications. And, they had to admit, flooring isn’t something the average person is thinking about every day. Generally, people know what they like and what will look good, but aren’t sure what materials or technical features will suit their lifestyle. Beckham Brothers wanted to simplify this process for people and developed a line of products that combines people’s styles and budgets with impressive quality and performance. Beckham Brothers realized many flooring manufacturers were becoming disconnected from the end users – the people actually living with their products every day. There were times when the Brothers felt their customers and friends weren’t getting the best quality product from the manufacturer because of budget or taste preferences. For more than two decades the Brothers worked with people to navigate this manufacturer-consumer disconnect, and then they knew it was time for an improvement. The Beckham Brothers flooring company was built on old-fashioned values of quality and longevity. Today, Beckham Brothers travels the world, designing and developing every product from start to finish.  Every detail is carefully considered to ensure the highest quality for the best price.  The Brothers’ primary goal is to far outperform their strictest minimum standards for what they will install in people’s homes and put their name behind.

Beckham Brothers has made industry-leading design and manufacturing choices to enhance quality and reliability including:

  • Revolutionary click-lock installation system on Big Ben, Big Ben Premier, Grand Ben, Little Ben, Little Ben Premier and Little Ben Tile.
  • Grand Ben’s Digital Print Surface introduces state-of-the-art printing technology combined with the durability and long wear of luxury vinyl plank. Boasting 80% more variety in pattern compared to the competition, Grand Ben delivers realistic looking hardwood in low-maintenance, long-lasting LVP.
  • Grand Ben, Big Ben, & Big Ben Premier feature cork backing, providing a water resistant base. The cork backing on these authentic-looking LVP products also offer enhanced cushioning, noise reducing, and insulating properties for further value in this sturdy and stylish, popular flooring option.
  • Beckham Brothers’ Scandinavian Plank blends the highest quality natural woods for an elegant hardwood that sets the stage for any of your contemporary designs. Premium Russian White Oak veneer sits atop the plank’s exceptionally strong core, composed of dense Siberian Larch and beautiful Birch woods – both hardy growers of cold, rugged climates not unlike Canada’s own harsh winters.
  • Montana Plank integrates hand-rubbed stain and a low gloss finish for exquisite old-world charm. Precision-filled knots and cracks highlight each planks’ unique character and texture for a naturally aged feel.

Beckham Brothers promises quality and an overall commitment to customer satisfaction that is unparalleled among other flooring manufacturers.

Now you have a floor worth coming home to.