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Are you tired of the shotgun approach in the flooring industry? Right now, the average flooring supplier in Ontario has over 450 dealers, with a 46% dealer/market saturation point. This shotgun approach is by design: suppliers want you to compete head-to-head on price with your closest competitor. This approach gets their products to market as cheaply as possible. Manufacturers will set up anyone and everyone – regardless of the store’s sales volume or commitment level.

Beckham Brothers guarantees in writing, there will be just One Dealer in smaller markets. Larger markets with a population of over 100,000 may have as many as Two Dealers, if those dealers focus on different segments of the market.

Showroom Design

Our design team, along with our extensive retail background, will create an award-winning showroom. With your input we will help transform the Beckham Brothers section of your showroom into the most profitable section of your store. We will provide a unique selling system that is specifically designed to decrease the clutter and confusion, while increasing the confidence of your sales team.

Each year we will provide you with a report showing your return per square foot of your Beckham Brothers floor space.

Product Selection

Simple, clean & organized. Studies are continually showing that customers (and retail sales associates) are getting overwhelmed with the number of products to choose from in a retail store.

Our designers have narrowed down our colour palette, so Beckham Brothers has the perfect balance of the classics, the current trends and the up-and-comers: all displayed in a refreshing gallery style system.

We have sales figures to prove that 60% of your sales can come from 5% of your samples.

Minimum Selling Prices

All Beckham Brothers dealers within a trading area are subject to Minimum Retail Selling Prices (MRSP). We also have Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) and a strong “no-bootlegging” contract.

Our goal is to ensure we protect your bottom line by safeguarding the proper selling prices of our products.

The dealers in the Beckham Brothers network are market leaders, not followers.

Increased Margin

After proven results and realizing the benefits of the Beckham Gallery Partner Plan, we can confidently guarantee a 20% – 25% higher gross margin when selling our exclusive Beckham Brothers product line over similar products from our competitors.

All Beckham Brothers’ suggested retail prices have a 40% GM. Currently the average retail flooring store operates at a 27.4% Gross Margin (GM)

Even operating in a highly competitive landscape, increasing the industry average gross margin 25% pushes a store to 34.25% GM.

No Restocking Fees

Suppliers use expensive restocking fees to discourage returns. We know there is thousands of dollars in unreturnable goods just sitting in your warehouse collecting dust. That money should be in your bank!

If you consolidate the goods monthly and pay for the shipping, we will issue you a full credit.

Online Sales

If you choose to partner with our online marketing plan we will increase social media, Google Ad Words, Kijii and Facebook posts in your trading area. We will sit down with your team and come up with a pricing structure, promotion codes and/or campaign that redirects customers to your own store website. All profits from any Beckham Brothers sales made online in your trading area will be 100% rebated back to your store.

A comprehensive report offering full transparency with detailed traffic and customer reach numbers, sales reports and costs will be sent with your rebate cheque.

No overhead concerns, no commission structure, no work! Just bottom-line dollars.

No Questions Asked Claims

Are your manufacturer claims constantly putting you in a state of asking “what’s going on with this claim?” Are you tired of the song and dance that all product failures are somehow the result of improper installation?

At the end of the day, we know it is the retailer who is left holding the unpaid customer invoice. All we really want is a happy customer.Don’t make your customer wait any longer for a bogus “Claim Denied” inspection report.

For a Beckham Brothers claim simply email a picture with a claim form, fill in the dollar value and it’s approved.

Industry-Standard Services

Besides all the things that set us apart, are all the standards of service you have come to expect such as a simple online ordering portal. We don’t want your staff on hold waiting for answers.

We have designed a simple online ordering system with live inventory and email confirmations. Simple.